Our Solutions

RSMB's services span 3 core areas

Audience Measurement

RSMB excels in developing measurement solutions for organisations that need to  measure audiences and understand cross-media audience behaviour

Innovative Methodologies: We are at the forefront of audience measurement methodologies, for clients like UK measurement bodies Barb and RAJAR, continuously evolving our solutions to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Cross-Media Measurement Models: We have developed both macro and micro cross-media models, allowing analysis of audience behaviour across media platforms. Our models provide precise estimates of audience as well as deduplicated reach and frequency data, empowering advertisers, media agencies and media owners to optimise their strategies.

Data Integration: Our data integration and modelling solutions power planning tools, such as the IPA's Touchpoints Planner, that enable clients to make informed decisions with confidence.

Unparalleled Expertise: With over 40 years expertise in audience measurement design and operation, we ensure the reliability and integrity of measurement systems for organisations that the industry relies on for audience measurement.

Continuous Control and Assurance: Quality is at the heart of our measurement solutions. Our commitment to quality provides transparency to clients and ensures reliable and trustworthy data insights.

Methodology Validation

We validate the methodologies you or suppliers use to ensure the data is reliable and trustworthy

Independent Validation: We work with clients to independently review and validate their methodologies. Through initial critical friend reviews and then outward facing audits for publication we help our customers develop solutions that will gain credibility in the market.

Statistically Rigorous: We thoroughly validate both measurement methodologies and source data, providing assurance of the output data produced.

Customised Approach: We tailor our validation approach to meet each client's unique needs and objectives whilst always bearing in mind that the credibility of the work we do depends on a starting point of professional scepticism.

Focus on improvement: Today's measurement solutions continually develop and improve. Our validations identify areas of weakness and risk and provide recommendations for clients to support best practice and continuous improvement approaches.

Commercially minded: We know how important it is to get solutions to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and that is the approach we take to our validation projects.

Data Enrichment

RSMB helps you make your data work harder

Better Consumer Understanding: We segment your customers to so you can tailor your strategies and messaging accordingly.

Single Customer View: RSMB offers solutions to integrate your datasets to provide a holistic view of your customers.

Data Quality: Using data cleaning and modelling we improve the quality and usability of your datasets so you can target and evaluate with greater confidence.

More Data, Less Cost: Our data integration solutions expand your dataset affordably to target more effectively and  gain valuable insights cost-effectively.

Solutions that meet Your Needs: If you have an in-house data science team you can licence our Data Fusion Platform and get started on your own fusions, alternatively you can tap into our expertise and leave the entire process with us.

Strategic Analysis: Identify gaps in your data strategy and improve your approach for better results.