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Learn about the team behind RSMB, our history and what we do.

Where data drives decisions

We're about clarity and precision. By creating sophisticated audience research solutions and analysing vast amounts of data, we help businesses make informed decisions that lead to success. Our approach is simple: we listen to your needs, we analyse and we deliver solutions that matter.

We make sense of data. We believe data holds the answers to understanding consumers, markets and trends. We work tirelessly to decode the complexities of data, turning numbers into models and insights that drive tangible results.

We also apply our expertise built over nearly 40 years to help you independently evaluate your methodologies to give you and your clients confidence that your data is meaningful.

With RSMB, our solutions become your strategic advantage. Whether you're a media owner needing to quantify the value of your media, a media agency creating identity frameworks for targeting or an advertiser seeking to understand your campaign performance, we're here to help you optimise your advertising strategies, maximise your returns on investment and ensure you stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced industry.

By harnessing the power of data, we drive discovery and stimulate growth for your business.

Our History

1987: RSMB is founded with a mission to revolutionise television audience measurement, focusing on high-quality design and operational excellence.

1989: RSMB becomes a contractor for Barb, the UK's television and BVOD measurement body, marking the beginning of a long-standing partnership.

1990: RSMB undertakes a fusion of TGI and Barb data, allowing buyers to plan TV using non-demographic audiences for the first time.

2002: New Barb Contract begins with RSMB responsible for sample design, methodology and quality control.

2006: RSMB partners with the IPA to create the TouchPoints Planner, a ground-breaking cross-media data integration.

2007: Recognising RSMB's expertise, RAJAR appoints the company as one of its contractors, signaling a commitment to adapt to the evolving landscape of the UK radio industry.

2010: New Barb Contract begins with RSMB again responsible for sample design, methodology and quality control.

2013: Barb appoints RSMB to support the evaluation of the prototype solution for the groundbreaking Dovetail Fusion process; bringing together the Barb panel with broadcaster video on demand census data for small screen devices.

2017: RSMB supports the implementation of the chosen Dovetail solution through review of methodology enhancements and review of outputs.

2019: Comcast/Sky selects RSMB to develop UK methodology for cross-platform reporting tool CFlight allowing deduplication of reach and campaign evaluation.

2020: RSMB develops an Advanced Campaign Hub for Barb to help agencies and advertisers plan advertising campaigns across Barb-reported commercial broadcasters’ linear channels and VOD platforms.

2021: Barb awards RSMB its fourth consecutive contract, extending the partnership into a new era of audience research methodologies. This contract encompasses methodology, statistical design and quality control monitoring and audit for the overall service, solidifying RSMB's position as an industry leader.

2022: RSMB completes proof of concept of WFA North Star methodology for ISBA's Origin project.

2023: RSMB joins the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), underlining our commitment to best practice in the UK and abroad.

2024: Barb takes on oversight of CFlight, with methodology now expanded by RSMB to include ITV and Channel 4. In March 2024 Barb announces rollout of CFlight Audiences, allowing reporting by 14 traded audiences, with methodology designed by RSMB.

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5 Reasons to work with us

  1. Advanced Data SolutionsRSMB offers advanced data integration, validation and enrichment solutions tailored to the needs of advertisers, media agencies, media owners and measurement vendors. This ensures that they have access to reliable and comprehensive data insights for informed decision-making.

  2. Innovative Media Measurement MethodologiesRSMB is at the forefront of innovation in media measurement and analytics. By using cutting-edge methodologies and technologies, RSMB continuously delivers innovative solutions that help stakeholders stay ahead.

  3. Data Quality AssuranceRSMB is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data quality, integrity and privacy. Through rigorous validation and quality control processes, as well as privacy safe techniques such as clean rooms, stakeholders can trust the accuracy and reliability of the data provided by RSMB, mitigating risks and enhancing effectiveness.

  4. Independent ValidationRSMB can independently evaluate third-party methodologies, providing reassurance both internally and externally that they provide meaningful data.

  5. Trusted PartnershipRSMB values long-term partnerships with its clients and is dedicated to their success. With personalised support, transparent communication and a collaborative approach, RSMB builds trusted relationships with clients, serving as a reliable partner in achieving their business objectives.