Cross-Media Measurement


Audience measurement data is siloed with different currencies used for each media. A huge amount of progress has been made in recent years through approaches such as the WFA North Star initiative (Project Origin in the UK) and CFlight, however one solution does not necessarily work for all markets and methodologies for planning and reporting differ. Delivering a cross-media solution in any market is a major project even if, as in the case of the WFA framework, open source tools are available. Data standards have to be met, proof of concepts constructed, agreement reached on common standards (or not), reporting needs to meet the needs of the market, systems need to be built to deliver reporting and everything needs to be done in a privacy safe way.

How RSMB Can Help

RSMB are experts in cross-media models and reach deduplication. We developed the UK implementation of Comcast/Sky CFlight and have undertaken proof of concepts for the WFA North Star framework in the UK and France. We have also developed cross media planning tools both for Barb (the Advanced Campaign Hub) and for the UK's Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (the IPA Touchpoints Planner).

We can help in a variety of ways:

  • develop bespoke planning and reporting solutions based on market needs, from methodology through to operation
  • undertake proof of concepts of the WFA Framework in national markets, speeding up the process of investigation and potential deployment
  • independently evaluate the methodology and operation of third party solutions
  • validate that systems providers are correctly deploying methodologies in their systems
  • audit the data inputs that are being provided to feed the cross-media solutions
  • work with advertisers to develop their own cross-media deduplication solutions in markets where industry developments are lagging behind

Whatever the nature of the project, the outcome of this work is better capability for cross-media planning and evaluation.