Cost Effective Targeting


Your organisation has a well-ordered data hub from which to target existing and potential customers but you want to target according to an attribute that doesn't exist in the database. Perhaps you're launching a brand extension product or moving into a new category and want to understand who from your database to target.

How RSMB can help

RSMB can help by enriching your data in several ways:

  • we can use third party datasets to add the attributes that you need by matching people in your database with similar people in the third party dataset and, using our leading edge data fusion techniques, apply their attributes to your customers.
  • where you lack media data to use for planning, we can also use data fusion to add media consumption and other characteristics from IPA Touchpoints (subscribers only). This allows you to use your own in-house segments to plan campaigns across media.
  • where your needs are more easily met through surveying your customers, we can work with you to sample a segment of your customers (eg 1,000) and use data fusion to expand the survey data to your wider database. This saves the time, money and inconvenience of sampling your entire database to add characteristics that may be modelled using a subset of users.

The outcome of this work is that your database will be enriched with additional fields which you can use to target your messages or to plan your media activity.