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RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) faced the challenge of adapting to the evolving UK radio industry, characterised by new distribution platforms and increased complexity. There was a pressing need for the measurement system to evolve to accurately capture radio consumption across various channels.


To address this challenge, RAJAR appointed RSMB as one of two contractors for its audience research service in 2007. RSMB's expertise in measurement methodology and data analysis proved invaluable in designing and implementing a QC and production system tailored to RAJAR's specific requirements. This system facilitated the production of high-quality data and enabled continuous monitoring of data quality and robustness.

Outcomes & Benefits

1. Production System: RSMB's development of a bespoke production system allowed RAJAR to produce and assess data efficiently, ensuring accuracy and reliability in radio audience measurement. This system also facilitated the incorporation of platform data and the generation of rolling data reports, providing stakeholders with timely and relevant insights.

2. Continuous Improvement: With RSMB's ongoing involvement, RAJAR's audience research service has evolved to meet the changing needs of the radio industry. RSMB's responsibility for quality control, sampling, weighting, processing and reporting has contributed to the continuous improvement of data accuracy and integrity, enhancing the credibility of RAJAR's audience measurement data.

3. Partnership Approach: RAJAR has extended RSMB's contract several times, most recently in January 2024 and this is a testament to the success of the partnership. This extension reflects RAJAR's confidence in RSMB's capabilities and their commitment to delivering high-quality audience measurement solutions to the UK radio industry.

4.Reliable Data Reporting: RSMB's rigorous quality control measures ensure that the data reported by RAJAR is reliable and trustworthy, providing broadcasters, advertisers and agencies with accurate insights into radio audience behaviour. This reliability enhances stakeholders' confidence in using RAJAR's data for strategic decision-making and campaign planning.

5.Industry Leadership: Through its collaboration with RSMB, RAJAR has maintained its position as a leader in radio audience research in the UK market. RSMB's expertise and dedication have contributed to RAJAR's reputation for delivering accurate, comprehensive and timely audience measurement data, earning recognition and trust from industry stakeholders.

"RSMB's partnership has been integral to our success in providing reliable radio audience data to the industry. Their technical expertise and commitment to quality control have ensured the accuracy and robustness of our data, empowering stakeholders with actionable insights for strategic decision-making."