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Sky Media (the sales team of Comscore Sky) wanted to drive innovation in cross-platform measurement of TV and BVOD advertising campaigns, giving agencies a single view of their campaign performance.


In collaboration with RSMB, Sky embarked on developing the CFlight Methodology, a sophisticated approach to measuring total reach and frequency across its linear and VOD platforms. RSMB's expertise in technical consultancy and audience data analytics proved instrumental in creating this innovative methodology, aimed at providing Sky with comprehensive insights into audience engagement and advertising performance. This was subsequently extended to ITV and Channel 4 and in 2024 moved under the governance of Barb.

Outcomes & Benefits

1. Total Reach Measurement: The CFlight Methodology developed in partnership with RSMB enables Sky to accurately measure deduplicated reach and frequency across its linear and VOD offerings. By consolidating data from various platforms, Sky and its media agency partners gain a holistic view of audience engagement, allowing for more effective advertising planning and optimisation.

2. Optimized Advertising Effectiveness: With precise audience measurement capabilities provided by RSMB, Sky can optimise advertising campaigns to reach target audiences more effectively. By understanding audience behaviour and preferences, Sky can tailor advertising strategies according to audience, resulting in improved campaign performance and ROI.

3. Independent Statistical Audit: Sky's confidence in RSMB to develop CFlight was based both on RSMB's work on Barb and also the company's work conducting an independent statistical audit of Sky's Adsmart audience measurement methodologies which has been repeated subsequently. This audit underscores RSMB's commitment to independence, data integrity and quality assurance, providing Sky and its customers with confidence in its audience measurement practices.

4. Strategic Partnership: The longstanding partnership between RSMB and Sky Media demonstrates the value of collaboration in driving innovation and excellence in audience measurement. RSMB's technical expertise and analytical capabilities complement Sky's objectives, enabling a strategic partnership focused on delivering innovation in the market and driving business growth.

5. Industry Leadership: By leveraging RSMB's services and expertise, Sky maintains its position as a leader in entertainment and communications, offering advertisers unparalleled opportunities to engage with their target audiences effectively. The adoption of innovative methodologies like CFlight highlights Sky's commitment to delivering superior advertising solutions and enhancing the viewer experience.

"RSMB's expertise and commitment to excellence have been invaluable in our efforts to enhance audience measurement methodologies. Their collaboration on the CFlight Methodology and Adsmart audit exemplifies their dedication to delivering robust solutions that meet the evolving needs of our industry."