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Barb, the company managing television audience measurement in the UK, has faced the challenge of measuring television audiences in a rapidly evolving landscape since the late 1980s, initially with multichannel television, then digital and more recently video on demand. Throughout, Barb has had a continuous need for accurate and reliable measurement methodologies to capture changing viewer behaviour and preferences so it would remain the gold standard currency.


Recognising the need for robust measurement solutions, Barb engaged RSMB, initially in 1987 to set up a satellite panel. Subsequently, RSMB was awarded the design and quality control contract for Barb's television measurement service in 1991. Over the years, RSMB has played a crucial role in the evolution of Barb's measurement system, designing and implementing methodologies, statistical designs, and quality control processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of audience measurement data. RSMB has been an unbroken contractor to Barb for over 35 years, with its most recent contract awarded in 2021 to run to the end of the decade. Under this contract, which began in January 2024, RSMB is responsible for Design and Methodology as well as Quality Control, Audit and Monitoring.

Outcomes & Benefits

1. Enhanced Measurement Accuracy: Through RSMB's expertise and dedication to quality control, Barb has achieved enhanced accuracy and reliability in its audience measurement data, providing broadcasters, advertisers and agencies with confidence in the insights derived from the service.

2. Expanded Analytical Capabilities: RSMB's integration with the IPA Touchpoints Planner and the design of Barb's Advanced Campaign Hub for planning BVOD have expanded Barb's analytical capabilities, enabling agencies and advertisers to plan advertising campaigns more effectively across linear channels and VOD platforms.

3. Long-Term Partnership: RSMB's unbroken relationship with Barb since 1987 highlights the trust and reliability built over decades of collaboration. This long-term partnership has enabled innovation, continuous improvement, and mutual success.

4. Industry Leadership: Barb's adoption of cutting-edge measurement methodologies and solutions designed by RSMB has solidified its position as a leader in television audience measurement, setting industry standards and driving innovation in audience measurement practices. This has been reinforced recently by CFlight, with methodology designed by RSMB, being brought under the remit of Barb.

5. Informed Decision-Making: By providing accurate and reliable audience measurement data, RSMB's contributions have empowered broadcasters, advertisers and agencies to make informed decisions, optimise advertising strategies and maximise the impact of their campaigns.


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