Data Silos & Fragmentation


A data strategy is now important for any company, large or small. With the coming deprecation of third party cookies, it is increasingly important to have owned datasets that can be used for CRM, targeting and evaluation purposes. However many companies have unstructured and disconnected datasets that have been collected over extended periods of time and may be problematic under GDPR.

How RSMB can help

RSMB can help by working with you to:

  • scope your key datasets,
  • understand what permissions may have been collected from customers,
  • validate the quality of the data, cleaning it where necessary,
  • identify gaps in subsets of the data, and whether they may be filled by modelling: filling the gaps based on other the characteristics of similar people in the database,
  • integrating datasets either by directly matching customer information between datasets (address, email etc.) or via probabilistic data fusion (adding characteristics from database B into database A by matching people who have similar demographics or behaviours),
  • weighting your data to make it representative of either the population as a whole or your customer base to help you make informed strategy and marketing decisions,
  • segmenting your data so you can see how your customers can be divided into broad groups based on characteristics such as how often they purchase, how they purchase, their social demographics and so on.

The outcome of this work is a data hub that as far as possible provides a single view of your customers that can be used for better planning and evaluation of your marketing and sales activity.

Once you have a structured view of your own data it is then possible to integrate it more easily with third party datasets and programmatic services.