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JICREG, the Joint Industry Committee responsible for audience estimates of local media, faced the challenge of providing transparent and accountable audience currency for planning and buying advertising campaigns in local print titles and their online entities. With the changing industry and the rise of digital platforms, JICREG needed to evolve its methodologies to accurately measure audience reach across both print and digital channels


RSMB partnered with JICREG, providing technical support and statistical consultancy to enhance audience measurement methodologies. JICREG entrusted RSMB with the development of new print readership models using PAMCo data, marking the beginning of a comprehensive collaboration. RSMB further supported JICREG in developing a new online audience evaluation and reporting tool, extending its responsibilities to updating and maintaining the JICREG database and reviewing modelling methodologies.

Outcomes & Benefits

1. Enhanced Audience Measurement: RSMB's collaboration with JICREG resulted in the development of advanced print readership models using PAMCo data, ensuring accurate and transparent audience estimates for local print titles. By leveraging RSMB's technical expertise, JICREG enhances its audience measurement capabilities, providing advertisers with reliable data for planning and buying advertising campaigns.

2. Cross-Platform Audience Reporting: RSMB's ongoing partnership with JICREG includes the development of new modelling solutions for improved cross-platform reporting of audiences across print and digital entities. This initiative enables JICREG to adapt to industry changes, offering advertisers comprehensive insights into audience reach and engagement across various channels.

3. Data Maintenance & Review: RSMB's responsibilities extend to updating and maintaining the JICREG database, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of audience data used for advertising planning and buying. Additionally, RSMB conducts regular reviews of modelling methodologies to enhance data quality and integrity, further strengthening JICREG's position as a trusted source of audience currency.

4. Strategic Collaboration: The collaboration between RSMB and JICREG reflects a strategic partnership aimed at driving innovation and excellence in audience measurement. RSMB's technical support and statistical consultancy complement JICREG's objectives, enabling a collaborative environment focused on delivering actionable insights and enhancing industry standards.

5. Future-Ready Solutions: RSMB's involvement in JICREG's forthcoming project to embrace improved cross-platform reporting demonstrates a commitment to developing future-ready solutions that address evolving industry needs. By leveraging RSMB's expertise, JICREG positions itself at the forefront of audience measurement innovation, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

"Our collaboration with RSMB hasrevolutionised our audience measurement capabilities, allowing us to provideadvertisers with unparalleled insights into local media reach. RSMB's technicalprowess and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in drivinginnovation and ensuring the accuracy of our data."