Advertisers and RSMB

As marketing becomes ever more targeted, the quality of advertisers own datasets is increasingly important. However data is often unstructured, of variable quality, incomplete and may have privacy complications under GDPR.

How RSMB can help

RSMB can help in two important areas:

  1. Structuring, cleaning and weighting data by
    • scoping your key datasets and validating the quality of the data, cleaning it where necessary
    • identifying where there may be gaps in the data, and whether they may be filled by modelling
    • integrating your datasets so they give a more holistic view of your customers
  2. Improving your ability to target customers and evaluate results by
    • segmenting your customers into broad groups based on characteristics such as how often they purchase, how they purchase, their social demographics and so on.
    • weighting your data to make it representative (of the population or your customer base) to help you make informed strategy and marketing decisions,
    • merging your data with third party datasets to add targeting attributes or planning tools to help you better understand what media to use for marketing
    • enriching your data through surveying subsets of your customers and using modelling to expand the survey data to your wider database.
Results you can expect

We agree the objectives of each project with you up front; you may or may not want to tackle everything at once. However you decide to tackle it, at the end of the journey you will end up with well structured data that is reliable and designed to include the information that you need to understand your customers, evaluating your marketing performance and planning future activity.