RSMB and Streamhub TV announce cross-platform measurement partnership
June 12, 2023
The strategic partnership will address growing demand for hybrid measurement across linear and streamed TV with a unique cross-platform metric

Today RSMB and Streamhub announce a ground-breaking partnership that is set to create a unique offer in the cross-platform measurement of viewing linear and streamed TV. 

The rapid evolution of streaming and connected TVs is creating new opportunities for consumers, content producers and advertisers alike. This has led to a need for measurement methodologies to adapt to these new demands. One manifestation of this is the need for hybrid measurement, for example the integration of traditional TV panel data with the first party data of TV streamers). The new partnership between RSMB and Streamhub will provide solutions in this growing area of TV and video measurement.

The partnership will provide clients with RSMB’s currency grade data modelling capabilities matched with Streamhub’s multi dataset analytics and activation platform.

The initial focus of the partnership will be to build out incremental reach calculations for clients. This will allow reporting of the reach delivered by streaming services over and above the reach of linear TV through the high quality integration of currency metrics with first party data. The partnership will initially focus on Japan where Streamhub will be representing RSMB’s capability in the market. However, key modules will be available in all markets internationally.

“RSMB has a successful track record in managing data integrations and calculation of currency metrics. Partnering with Streamhub allows us to operationalise these measurement solutions more quickly, in more markets.” 
Chris Mundy, CEO of RSMB

“We are excited to see our audience analytics product move into cross-platform measurement, bringing together our two strengths: managing complex streaming data and handling currency-grade panel data to service both TV and streaming advertising opportunities.”

Akihiro Tsuchiya, CEO of Streamhub

About RSMB and Streamhub


Streamhub is an independent UK data technology company dedicated to audience analytics and activation in the media ecosystem. With a growing international presence, it is well-established in Japan as the provider of its cross-industry audience analysis platform fuelling the growth of CTV and BVOD. Streamhub’s  platform provides multi-source analytics and activation in modern, user-friendly dashboards, leveraging industry currency data and customer’s own first party CTV/Return path video metrics.


RSMB provides sophisticated audience measurement solutions for the media industry and has built a reputation for developing audience research solutions that meet the challenges of rapid changes in consumer media use. RSMB is best known in the UK for our work for Barb (TV audience measurement), RAJAR (radio audience measurement), the UK implementation of Comcast/Sky CFlight (cross-platform reporting of Sky, ITV and Channel 4 audiences) and the IPA Touchpoints planner (cross-media planning database). RSMB is an independent company jointly owned by Kantar and Havas.