DCM launches reach maximiser tool developed by RSMB
April 4, 2024

Digital Cinema Media has unveiled a new 'AV Reach Maximiser', a groundbreaking optimisation tool developed in partnership with RSMB, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), and attention specialists Lumen. This pioneering tool empowers media planners to gain deeper insights into the benefits of integrating cinema into the AV mix, streamlining the planning process for advertisers and agencies.

Users simply select their key demographic (e.g., 16-34s, ABC1 Adults), input the budget or ratings objective, and add additional channels alongside cinema (e.g., TV, BVOD, Online Video). The tool instantly generates the optimal budget/ratings allocation to maximise reach within the selected target audience, providing three key performance indicators (KPIs):

1. Total Reach % achieved by the optimised allocation

2. Incremental Reach % attributed to cinema

3. Attentive seconds uplift from cinema

While the tool yields scenario-specific outputs, it underscores key insights indicating where cinema adds the most value to the plan. Notably, cinema is recommended to maximise reach, particularly when targeting 16-34 and ABC1 audiences. For instance, the average recommended budget allocation for cinema to optimise 16-34 reach is 11%.