CFlight Audiences is Live!
March 12, 2024

RSMB are very proud that the CFlight Audiences methodology has gone live. Developed by RSMB, implemented by Techedge and overseen by Barb, Thinkbox, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky in the development phase, it's a big step forward in cross platform measurement for video.

What this means is that the UK version of CFlight has expanded its reporting capabilities to include 14 of the most-used traded audiences. Media agencies and their clients will be able to see the performance of ad campaigns across ABC1 adults, ABC1 housepersons, ABC1 men, ABC1 women, adults over 16, adults aged 16-34, adults aged 24-44, adults over 45, housepersons, housepersons with children, men over 16, men aged 16-34, women over 16 and women aged 16-34.

CFlight is free to media agencies and designed with the Barb industry currency for video measurement at its heart.

More on the Barb website here and from Campaign here.

Chris Mundy, RSMB CEO said "This is a significant advance in the campaign reporting of video. Great care has been taken to develop a methodology that allows campaign analysis across channels with campaign reach that is deduplicated. Congratulations not just to the RSMB team but everyone involved in making this happen."